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GPS and Alcohol Monitoring
CorrectiveSolutions capabilities include providing electronic monitoring of offenders as a condition of a diversion program, probation, or as an alternative to incarceration.  CorrectiveSolutions develops each electronic monitoring program to meet the specific objectives of the contracting agency.  No two monitoring programs are exactly the same. 
CorrectiveSolutions monitoring services include, but are not limited to the following.
  • Customized case management (in-person meetings, follow-up communication, etc.)
  • Comprehensive case notes
  • Inputting schedules and zones (inclusion and exclusion) for each offender
  • Financial assessments of offenders
  • Equipment installation and removal
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Incident investigation
  • Customized reporting based on protocols established by each agency
  • Supervised drug testing
  • Collection of supervision fees from offenders
In addition to case management services, CorrectiveSolutions has a highly trained electronic monitoring transition team experienced in assisting our clients in transitioning from one equipment vendor to another.  Often times law enforcement agencies are reluctant to change monitoring equipment because of a fear of comprised supervision of offenders, loss of equipment and loss of important case records.
CorrectiveSolutions transition team handles every detail from data transfer of case files, scheduling offenders for equipment change out, exchange of equipment, offender orientation and training on the new devices, required documentation and establishing new payment procedures. Transition services include a complete training of our client’s staff.
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"All CorrectiveSolutions staff and supervisors involved in this process made this transition very painless. We were very impressed."
"You and all of your peers consistently displayed a positive attitude and strong work ethic. My staff told me you were all very pleasant to work with and patient when they asked you all for help over and over again."    
Sgt. Jon Minard,
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
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Frank Romero, Project Manager
Frank has over 8 years of experience as a Probation Case Manager specializing in Electronic Monitoring of offenders.  His area of expertise includes GPS monitoring, RF curfew monitoring, BAT (Breath Alcohol Testing) monitoring including equipment specifications, operations procedures, setting parameters for each piece of equipment (e.g. inclusion zones, exclusion zones, curfew hours, etc.) trouble shooting and software support.  Frank has specialized certifications in IT Network Administration and Computer Maintenance.  Frank is bilingual in English and Spanish.