Saturday, October 03, 2015

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CorrectiveSolutions administers new diversion program in Monterey County, CA.  District Attorney Dean Flippo announces program.  Read More

Marion County, Indiana, partners with CorrectiveSolutions; diversion program for suspended license offenders.  Read More


 CorrectiveSolutions is a leading administrator of pre-filing, post filing and post plea diversion programs for adults and juveniles. In addition CorrectiveSolutions provide administration of probation programs.

These programs range from simple education and restitution programs to programs with local counselors and a multitude of conditions such as drug tests, external education, community service and drug treatment programs.  It is the expertise in administration, management and treatment that CorrectiveSolutions brings to its customers.  

All programs are highly customized to each customer's goals, needs and desires.  All programs are offender funded.

CorrectiveSolutions, a private for-profit company, is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality program which provides the services and education classes that will help the defendants to comply with the program and make meaningful changes in their lives. 

Our comprehensive, industry-best approach of live cognitive behavioral change group counseling in combination with other eductional components and conditions enhanced by regular follow up over the course of the program provides lasting change and reduce cost.




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